Column Filter

Column filter is an operation used in data manipulation to select specific columns from a dataset based on a given criterion or condition. By applying a column filter, you can focus on the most relevant columns for your analysis while excluding unnecessary or irrelevant columns from your dataset.

Column filters can be applied using various criteria, such as column names, column indices, or specific conditions based on column values. This operation is particularly useful when working with large datasets containing numerous columns, as it allows you to reduce the dataset's complexity and size, making it easier to analyze and visualize.

Here's an example of applying a column filter to a dataset:



Suppose you want to select columns A and C from the dataset. After applying the column filter, you'll get:

Filtered dataset:


In Octai, you can apply column filters using various built-in functions or by using custom functions tailored to your specific requirements. This operation can be combined with other data manipulation operations to clean, preprocess, and analyze your data effectively.